Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a medical patient?

Becoming a medical patient will allow you to speak directly to a physician. This can be very important when it comes to choosing the right cannabis product and consumption method as well as the starting dose. Medical patients also enjoy other “perks” non-medical users do not, such as: Increased carrying limit, workplace rights, reduced upfront costs, insurance coverage, income tax rebates, and the ability to grow your own.

How do I pay for medical cannabis?

Right now, there are no companies direct billing for medical cannabis. So that means the patient will pay the up-front costs unless they are a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. Most Licensed Producers require a credit card to make a purchase, while others will accept interact E-transfers. Some companies will also accept money orders. Remember to keep your receipts to claim on your taxes as a medical expense.

Can I purchase medical cannabis in a store?

In MB there are no medical cannabis stores/pharmacies. All products must be purchased directly from the Licensed Producer and shipped to the patient directly. You can order the cannabis online or over the phone, and payment is required before it is shipped. You will receive a tracking # so you will know exactly when your medicine will arrive.

Do I get a “green card” after my doctors’ appointment?

At the clinic we are often asked about a “green card” or “cannabis card” by patients who want to be able to show anyone who may ask that they are using cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation. This can be complicated to describe as some patient will end up with a card, while others will not. The proof you need to show you are using cannabis medically comes directly from the Licensed producer you order from. Sometimes it is in the form of a card (think credit card) other times it is a label on the packaging, or it may come via email in a written document. Or it may be a combination of all of those. So, while a “green card” is not necessarily going to come, you will be given the proof in one form or another.

How do I grow my own?

To grow your own medical cannabis, you need to apply to Health Canada. There is an 11-page application that needs to be sent to Health Canada along with a medical document. Health Canada will then process the application and let the patient know how many plants can be grown. This process can take up to 2 months. The Staff at the Delta 9 Lifestyle Cannabis Clinic are well versed with handling these applications. If you would like to apply, please make sure you ask a Clinic care specialist and/or Doctor.

Can I drive after using medical cannabis?

This often comes up, and the answer is the same with any other inebriating substance. No. However, it can be more complicated as some medical cannabis does not have inebriating effects (such as CBD). It is important to know what you are taking and how it effects you before getting behind the wheel.

What is the difference between medical and recreational cannabis?

The biggest difference between medical and recreational cannabis is how it is used. Of course, there really is not any recreational benefit to CBD, but THC can certainly be used for both reasons. It all depends on why you are using it. The products themselves can often be found in both recreational stores and medical (online) shops.

Where can I use my medical cannabis?

Unlike recreational users, who can only use cannabis in or on private property. Medical users can use their medicine in outdoor public places, except as follows:

  • Within 8 metres of a building to which the public has access
  • On (or within 8 metres of) a restaurant or bar patio or deck
  • At a stadium or outdoor entertainment venue, or within 8 metres of those venues
  • In a wading pool, splash pad, or water park, or within 8 metres of those locations
  • In or within 8 metres of a playground
  • On a public beach
  • In bus shacks or other similar structures with a roof or other cover to which the public has access, or within 8 metres of such structures
  • On the property of an educational institution or facility, except in an area that may be designated by post-secondary educational institution or facility, if they choose to designate such an area.

Can I travel with my medical cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be legally taken anywhere in Canada. We suggest patients do their best to keep it in the original packaging and bring along any documents that show it is a legally purchased product. Unfortunately, cannabis can not leave Canada, regardless of the laws or regulations of the destination.

Why does my medical document expire?

The initial medical documents are generally good for 3 months, at which time the Doctor will want to check in with you to make sure you are progressing or to make any necessary changes. Following the 3 months, another medical document(s) will be written for anywhere between 6-12 months. Due to regulations, 12 months is the longest a medical document can be issued.

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